About Jackie

Jacqueline-Katz-DCJacqueline Katz, DC practices low force chiropractic and craniosacral technique in Amherst, MA.  She combines a foundation in chiropractic with a practiced ability to “listen” with her hands, eyes,  ears  and heart to each individual’s needs. The foundation for treatment of her light touch chiropractic hands-on approach is informed by craniosacral technique, Somatic Experiencing, as well as her dedicated practice of  T’ai Chi. Woven into each individualized treatment session is an awareness and integration of other modalities such as Alexander Technique, homeopathy, acupuncture (non-needle application) and functional medicine/nutritional support. As a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC), Jackie restores balance, brings relief and guides the body’s healing process to address numerous injuries, imbalances, and chronic conditions. Jackie treats athletes, seniors, children, teens and adults in her chiropractic practice, and addresses a full range of injuries, disorders, and conditions.





 “I came to Jackie 5 years ago with debilitating pain from ulcerative colitis and drug-induced Lupus. At my first visit, I had already been suffering from disease for over a year. The first GI doctor was unable to help me manage the ulcerative colitis symptoms and my condition deteriorated under his care. The second GI doctor prescribed treatment programs that brought about secondary illnesses, and my health rapidly and severely worsened. As I was passed along from one specialist to another, I desperately needed relief from the unrelenting pain. I lost weight, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat and found the most basic daily activities to require exhausting amounts of effort.

As I continued to work with a team of specialists, I began seeing Jackie. She was so patient, focused, caring and skilled. Through her treatments, some of the pain was lifted so that I could begin to function again. After a session with Jackie, I was able to sleep and eat for a few days. It was like she provided the underpinning, the framework and support, that allowed my body to begin healing. I moved on to a 3rd GI doctor and a treatment program that has been more successful, and through all of this, Jackie has been a steady force of healing and support.”

54 years and proud of it! (I’ve earned every one of those years!)